Ten designs by Marcus Bergner

Marcus Bergner 
Ten designs, 2012-14 
All works 30x30cm. (Gouache and pencil on paper) 

Architecturally, these errant and largely abstract designs arose from a deep-seated frustration with, and resistance towards, the built world. Architectonic questions and projections performed a paramount role in their conception and execution, as did thinking about such things without or beyond the use of language (and in terms of questioning how this might be at all possible). Valerio Magrelli’s poetic line “a flying city on autopilot” offers an apt subtitle or byline for some of them. All are part of a much larger output of gouaches, pencil drawings, written notes and moving image material intended to be exhibited as a constellational-like stitching together of diverse diegetic and spatial particles. All are directed in opposition to the ever insidious and ever-expanding limitation, or inhibition, of free social space that seems part and parcel of most architecture and civic planning produced today.

After being based in Prague for a number of years Marcus Bergner, an Australian artist and filmmaker, presently works and lives between Europe and Australia. His work in experimental film and sound poetry has been exhibited extensively in Europe, America and Australia. Currently he is preparing to present an expanded film program in Rome titled ‘Silent More Silent’ and a selection of his 16mm films will be screened in Brussels early 2015.

Contact Marcus Bergner at marcusbergner@hotmail.com