Five New Ideas - Part One, DIANA ADAMS


You were alone
You fixed the problem alone
Now the house is crowded
& everyone needs to be fed
A ladle in each hand
The problem of boredom was solved
Because you used your head
When in Rome
Rome of curtains, gardens and Augustus
& these delightful people
Who have been hunted down
& bound & gagged
To entertain us
With what passes for new


Do I need a governess
to prove I am a child?
Here come The Furies

Their drums remind me
of my mother
jumping out in front of the TV

The Furies are naked
& stinking
they have knives

Don’t move
or they’ll stick you
again & again

Who let these bees out?
I am stung & stung
with other children

A snake too
beaten with a club
by the aimless one

Lights on the Way Out

This galaxy makes me thirsty
I was hoping for a darker ride
with a few turrets
these cities think it’s all about them
they could have been ordered online
all those heads huddled over the same book
for me it’s different
I like my light grainy (ecru)

Fighting in the refectory
& powerful storms
that shook the bricks
& froze the burning candles
cities in black
thinking it’s all chemical

The Composer

The man in my dream
hands me a hammer

it reminds me  
of coconuts

too bad he’s based
on a photograph

in the police museum
a young man  

murdered with a meat cleaver
& stuffed in a freezer

part of his brain
under a simal-focal microscope 

revealing his musicality
his notes on copulation

his fear of disappearing
before singing something wonderful


little umbrella 
with a hell fetish
on the shower floor
the dog ate you
like a potato chip
you could have been 
my kid brother