No Real Than You Are, Larry Fagin

It Came from a Place

Bogart is going to hit you. Let there be doubt. Because if he can’t help it he won’t do it, he’s that tough. Good man, Bogart, not only human. And now “uncountable other ideas.” You might describe it as unlike important. A risible cow. Laurel comes in with a tray of mist, sets it down near him.  It goes flat.  Or stays up, you don’t know, you fight your own head. It’ll hold up, but not for long. This is the last place you can be. Dixon (Bogart) won’t strangle you (if he can help it). Now look at him. Apologize. He’s wearing the World’s Softest Socks. Are you getting this? A whole stone portico flapped in the breeze.

Gloomy Situation

“Haven’t you heard? I can’t be killed.” He’s not just another empty kimono. Don’t spend too much time on this. Relax. “No, I’m more comfortable tense.” The whole thing is a mystico. Don’t go out there, you’ll freeze. That’s what they want. So they can carry you off intact. “First I’ll blow up that creepy wine bar on 12th St., then I’ll take out everyone east of 1st Ave.” That would cost money, several billion-trillion by the time he got through. So now our best hope is for a somewhat cheaper program that generates more doom for the dollar. Okay, paralysis. Curare or something. Restore his vanity. You can hear the ringing in his ears a block away. He used to be an obedient farm animal. Then the farmer’s daughter brought on an aporia. It drove him crazy. He switched from gas to oil. Men showed up uncoiling hoses.

No Real Than You Are

Not to know me is not to not love me. I could be anywhere near you. Lemon meringue? It’s no good unless it falls apart. It not you. Someone put a logo right over my face. Call for the opener of the mouth, Philip Morris. The words want to be alone together. It’s one way to put them through it. Ethics not aesthetics demands it. People yell, attracted by a gesture — personal, spontaneous, sincere. But jammed verbally. It’s all automatic, spooking the flowers. Are you asleep? The sleeper has two left sides. It wants no straps. Its dreams are light glowing up from under flowing water. We’ll finish the story later with the words at hand. Keep a top eye out for visions. 

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